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^has no dots as of the time of this post
/\ Has red and orange
^ literally said the same thing that delbeto did about me
^I see Mio on a trumpet
^ Is an experienced twocanner.
^is an even vore experienced twocanner
^ Hopefully meant More not Vore
^probably knows exactly what I meant ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
^ Is purposefully being mysterious.
/\ Odd vore.
/\ Delbeto
/\ Authoritative
^ Associative
/\ word
^ Acuallation
/\ Coiner
/\ Rebel
^Is a hyrulian.
/\ Is a brawler
^I am not a brawler, but a smasher
/\ Does not get my reference to Smash Bros Brawl
^No, I get it. I meant that I am a Smasher. If you call me a brawler, then you're referring to the Mii Fighter(Brawler)
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