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  Irregular Pay
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 Constant Danger!!

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Roll To Adventure!

Path To The Lost Empire: A Roleplay Adventure

Current Party:
Sir Reginald Fletcherbury, III, Esq. (Eccentric)
Idvy Jexadat (mariokirby46): (Bard)
THIS COULD BE YOU! (Mercenary)

"Mmm. Maybe I should have held off on the bit about the 'Almost Certain Death.'"

Now nearly alone as the last few patrons of the Queen's Heart Tavern wobbled back to their homes, Sir Reginald Fletcherbury, III, Esq. pulled a pocket watch out of his vest pocket, checked the time, sighed deeply, wiped pizza grease off his fingers onto his vest and pocketed the watch again.

"Bought all this pizza, as well."

He stands up.

"Does anybody want the rest of this? It's free for the taking."

< Little did the respondents know their lust for free pizza would take them on a path towards adventure, intrigue, bad food, regular pay (or lack thereof), and ALMOST CERTAIN DEATH! To join on this epic tale of the exploration of the Lost City of Macerium, include your desired class... and ask for a slice. >
A little scamp jumps off the stage and rushes over to the table.
"Oh boy! Tis free? Don't mind if I do!" He sqeuals in joy at a high pitch voice
It seems the flute performer on stage who has been eyeing the pizza the moment you set foot into the tavern has realised you are offering free food.
It seems he has gobbled down a whole pizza before you could say anything.
"Idvy Jexadat the bard. I perform here everyday. Pays the bills ye know?" Another pizza disappears.
"A quest you say? Well... FOR THE PIZZA!!"
Idvy Jexadat joins the party!!

What's this about again? A rp with magic, dangerous quests, elves dwarves and dragons?
I've the strangest feeling my personality won't allow me to play to the fullest extent of this character, but I'll run with it
Idvy Jexadat (Bard): Eat two entire pizzas.
Roll 1 d6:


You manage to eat one pizza, then another! But only after downing the second do you realize:

It was an ANCHOVY PIZZA! Gross! Who even eats anchovy pizzas?!

"Mmm. I was planning to take that one home. Disappointing," says Sir Reginald.

Apparently he does. That's why he's the town eccentric, you suppose.
"I see we are all anchovy lovers! My friend I'd offer you a slice if I could! My ma fed me anchovies everyday when I was younger. You see grandpappy is a fisherman. So we lived off them for a time you see. I just love the taste! I must say though it could use a little more salt... Hmm you're right this is kinda sad. Where'd you get the pizza from though? I haven't seen any shops from around here."
"I invented it!", says the town eccentric, brightly. "I invented pizza." His face beams with pride.

You are almost certain this man did not invent pizza.

"Mmm. I was hoping to attract more attention than this," the eccentric sighed. "After all, I'm just a frail old man, and I've not too many days left to live..." He clears his throat. "... how will I possibly spend all the riches that I'll find in the ancient buried city of Mericium, once known only to legend, but now open to anybody that follows me and my map that is my life's work? Hmm?"

You are pretty certain you have never heard of the ancient buried city of something something.
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