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Out comes a wall nut.

In goes a Christmas goose.
out comes a thanksgiving turkey.

In goes cranberry sauce
Out comes a can of Sprite Cranberry.

In goes a can of Mountain Dew Code Red.
Out comes an empty can, an empty bag of Doritos, and a tired tc.

In goes game night
Out comes a Magic Missile targeting the darkness.

In goes an Armoire of Invincibility.
Out comes a flaming arrow.

In goes a paper plate.
Out comes a used paper plate.

In goes a stale sandwich.
Out comes a toothpick with an olive

In goes an empty canister of propane.
Out comes a distressed Hank Hill.

In goes a well-worn Slayer t-shirt.
Out comes some cool bois

in goes arale's forum game clusterfrick
Out comes a rusty bolt and a couple of broken springs.

In goes a torque wrench.
Out comes a ratchet wrench.

In goes a crescent wrench.
Out comes an open end wrench.

In goes an empty water bottle.
Out comes five cents and a note that thanks you for recycling. Neat.

In goes a full water bottle.
Out comes an empty bottle and a damp piece of paper which probably had a note on it but the ink has run.

In goes a map of Albuquerque.
Out comes a traveling tc.

In goes a silver dollar and a fifty cent piece
Out comes two bits. You shake the vending machine, because you still have $1.25 in there that it won’t return.

In goes your fist.
Out comes the sound of heavy breathing.

In goes a magic wand.
Out comes Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them 4 : The Magick Wars

In goes a block of writers
Out comes writer's block...
(which I'm assuming you set up for)

In goes a poem I just wrote to answer a question in the "Ask" section...
(Oddly specific, eh?)
Out comes curiosity for what the question was

In goes a haiku about furries
Out comes a furry poet

In goes a dead body
Out comes a sentient skeleton.

In go childhood hopes and dreams.
Out comes real life dashing them.

In goes the song "Demons" by Imagine Dragons
Out comes a signed EP of "Shots".

In goes an EP of "Pompeii" by Bastille.
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