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^ wishes their break would end later than this
< doesn't have to go to school until the 7th
v is still in school/uni/etc..
^Yes, I'm heading back to ut at 8:40 am central time
<Has school still
v has friends in school
^ Yeah, mostly because I'm in school
< Desperately trying to finish a project he promised people would be done by a deadline, as said deadline inches closer
v Knows the feeling
^Very much
<is procrastinating in class
v does so as well
^ Is half correct

< USED to procrastinate in class.

v Is in school
< I'mma just be here
v is self aware
^ I guess maybe idk what
< also in school
v will change the subject (because they are not in school rn)
^is incorrect
<is in school
v probably didn't go to school two days ago
^correct, technically
<is in geometry
v is in class at the moment
^ Is incorrect.

< Is in Maui.

v Not in Maui.
^Correct, southern Wisconsin
< still in class
v not in class
^ Correct

< Has a horrible sunburn.

v Does not
^I didn't experience that much of a summer
<Has cookouts in the winter
v does not
^how would that work
< is cold and needs to study for finals
v is also studying for finals
^is incorrect
<had finals 2 weeks ago
v is in break
^ doesn't have to worry about finals anymore
< break ended yesterday and i have to be at school in about 2 hours
v is back in school
^Unfortunately correct
<Got a watch with tc's icon on it for christmas
vHyped for Metroid Prime 4
^In a sense, yes
< is awaiting a Switch
v is
v white text
^ Is a comedian.

< Not very funny, but still tries her best.

v Is a sarcastic person
< is a person
v Is totally not a person
^ I mean, with me it's 50/50
< Is making a grave mistake right now
v Regrets a recent mistake
^ Yep...
<Heading to class shortly
v is not
^ found time to use tcas during passing period
< should be heading to school rn for A period but im at home waiting for my project to print because of my godly time management skills
v did their homework
^I don't have any
<doesn't get homework very often
v does