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Listen man, I thought you were leaving

I accuse NP of a major hate crime against furries!
In my defense, I thought I was hitting furies!

I accuse the NP of shooting neutrons at passerby!
If I posses the ability to shoot neutrons, its only fair that I can!

I accuse NP of leaving an empty jug of milk in the fridge!
The fridge has a milk spot and we had none left anyway

I accuse NP of calculator theft
I eventually payed the cashier back. Sure it was a few months overdue, but he understood.

I accuse NP of dawdling at their phone for way too long!
I was claiming TheOneAndOnlyZuck's soul!

I accuse np of not claiming their soul.
Dude, are you serious? Fine. Check the gender race thread.

I accuse the NP of eating a pot brownie.

I accuse NP of playing Fortnite!
I already lost my virginity

I accuse np of thinking depression is a joke.

I accuse the np of inventing Paragon
what the actual fuck lol

I accuse NP of not being funny on this thread
Well, I try my hardest.

I accuse the NP of misinterpreting things deliberately!
Paragon is also a superhero

I accuse the np of not playing Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects
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