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Granted, but the percentage was a lie

I wish that my procrastination procrastinated itself.
Granted but then all your procrastination of everything happens at once and destroys you.

I wish I had some cotton candy.
Granted. the Cotton candy is made up of black widow cobwebs, it has a shit load of eggs. Which you just ate so now you have spider babies in you stomach.

I wish I had somebody to play Nintendo switch with :(
Granted, you have a friend to play with but no nintendo switch
What happened to my switch 🥺
Granted, Nothing (wth was your wish?)

I wish for a dark theme for this site.
granted, all your colors are inverted

i wish for some body to love
Granted. She’s a reborn Christian who was addicted to crack.

I wish Blake would add memes to this site.
Granted. They're all from r/funny.

I wish for a big titty goth gf.
Granted. She cheats on you with the entire football team.

I wish it would snow.
Granted, the snow is relentless and your roof collapses under the extreme pressure, killing you and your family

I wish for more wishes
Granted they are corrupted.

I wish I was poisoned.
Granted, but the poison doesn't kill you it just puts you in complete pain with no numbness whatsoever even getting used to the pain.

I wish people would tell me more things
Granted, but they only tell you things you don't want to know.

I wish I didn't have to go to school.
Granted. There was a mass shooting at your school. You are the only survivor.

I wish for a bubble bath.
Granted, but you drown in it.

I wish that I was wittier.
Granted but your witty insults make everyone hate you.

I wish I had a pony.
Granted. It's lame, and you have no choice but to shoot it.

I wish to be the big spoon.
Granted but the little spoon smells like donkey butt and kicks you in your sleep.

I wish I had a personal servant (and the money to pay the personal servant)
Granted, but they hate you and run away.

I wish there was an elective I could take this semester instead of a free period.
Granted, but there is only two electives to choose from. Both are dreadfully tedious and subjects that doesn't remotely interest you.

I wish my eyesight wasn't so bad.
Granted, it's the other bad

I wish for jackfruit
granted, Jack is eating you fruit

i wish for better grammar
Granted. You have a grammar nazi shouting in your ear every time you make even the smallest error.

I wish for wisdom.
It's "Grammar Nazi"! Learn to capitalize, idiot!

Granted, but your wisdom makes everyone hate you more as they realize you know too much.

I wish I had a unicorn.
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