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Reason: Banned for unclear implication.
Banned for having the red dot at the time of this post
banned for having no dots.
Banned for reasons I say. 3 2 1

Reason: Banned for being unclear.
banned for still using that ugly format
Banned by the Prophet I Say Of
when I was in first grade, I thought when people said the prophet Isaiah, they were saying “the prophet I say of” and it was annoying, bc they wouldn’t say a name after
Banned for bringing personal matters into this.
Banned for being a joykyll

Reason: Banned for unnecessary punniness.
Banned for using puns when banning puns
banned for using the same word twice in a sentence
Banned for being unreasonable
banned for being my polar opposite
Banned for polarization
banned for not being soluble in water
Banned for using an inadmiscible ban reason.
Banned for not admitting a chemistry pun
Banned for not knowing how to spell 'inadmissible'.
Banned for admission.
All y'all banned for letting the banwagon sit idle so long.
Banned for implying that infrequent banning is bad
You, sir, are banned, and frequently.
Banned for playing on.
Banned because I'm hungry
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