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Out comes school

In goes my sanity
Out comes a copy of Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.

In goes the Code of Hammurabi.
Out comes the Code of Harambe

in goes Harambe
Out goes some snide remarks that the parrot inside the vending machine made.

Don't ask me how we got a parrot inside the vending machine.

In goes this music
Out comes the last Jumanji script.

In goes a complete collection of John Hughes movies.
Out comes a complete script for all of Robin William's movies.

In goes the Bee Movie script
Out comes a celestial crab.

In goes a zweihander.
Out comes a Sidewinder missile.

In goes grout.
out comes groot.

In goes gotg
Out comes Mike Meyers singing "Daddy Wasn't There".

In goes Mike Meyers badly cosplaying as Shrek.
Out comes Mike Meyers cosplaying as Max Schreck.

In goes a big scoop of mashed potatoes.
Out comes some tater tots with their supreme leader
...In goes a dollar.
Out comes a diet carbonated beverage of your choice.

In go three Apple devices that no longer support the operating system.
Out comes an archived copy of OS-X, version 8.

In goes a copy of DOOM for DOS.
Out comes Quake for the Sega Saturn

In goes a Gummi bear.
Out comes...

"Gmmph, mmmph, nom nom nom..."

In goes all of my Gummi Bear wrappers
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