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megaman has a gun

The Whos vs The Sneeches
The humiliation at the hand of McBean
Has left Sneetches jaded, vindictive, and mean.
All the Whos down in Whoville, who never knew strife,
Are all but defenseless and fall to the knife.

Yikes, that got dark.

Who would win in a fight, Pac-Man or a PAC manager?
Pac Man could get hacked.

Spiderman vs Veridian from VVVVVV
Damnit too slow don’t mind me
Veridian, because spiderman is going to rage when he loses.

Hatsune miku or kasane teto
Hatsune miku. Home court advantage.

Who would win in a bird-style fight, a sniper or a ducker or a gooser or a hawker?
Who gets first strike? Who is defeated first? Who gets their feathers ruffled??
My kids helped me with this one:

1) The sniper fires at the ducker; he ducks. No damage.
2) Gooser is sneaking up on ducker but is distracted by the hawker yelling about bargains. FEATHERS RUFFLED
3) Sniper fires at hawker (easy target); K.O. FIRST STRIKE
4) Gooser gooses the ducker; K.O. FEATHERS RUFFLED
5) Sniper fires at gooser; K.O. VICTORY

. . .

Who would win in a fight, Iron Man or the Iron Giant?
the iron giant: size advantage.

Who would win webtoons edition: ryan or lumine
Based on a very superficial amount of research... The werewolf. I mean, the other day I saw a werewolf drinking a piña colada at Trader Vic's, and his hair was perfect.

Who would win in a fight, Long John Silver or Captain D?
Captain D because he has the brevity advantage
they're both werewolves...
Who would win: haida or resasuke
Second of triple post
third of triple post
I did say it was superficial research...

I can't find info on those characters without reading a lot of episodes of a (subjectively) obscure webcomic so I'm reducing them to "fox" and "dog". Dogs hunt foxes, so the doggish one wins. Refer to themepost.

Who would win in a fight, Bugsy Malone or Bugs Bunny?
Splurge guns are no match for cartoon physics, easy win for Bugs Bunny.

Who would win in a fight, Earl Sandwich or the Burger King?
Wendy's because of the roasts
Bk, because of how popular it is.

Ice bear vs Nom Nom
Nom Nom, as a koala, gets the drop on his opponent.

Who would win in a fight, Chip from Chip's Challenge or Chip from Chip & Dale's Rescue Rangers?
I'm going to keep bumping because I like playing this game, but I'll restrain myself and not double-post until after it's sunk below the first page of Forum Games. Fair?

Chip's Challenge Chip wins due to a technicality - he can reload any level by entering it's code, gaining unlimited re-dos to correct tactical mistakes. The Rescue Rangers don't stand a chance; precognition trumps preparedness.

Who would win in a fight, the Black Panther or the Pink Panther?
The pink panther. Vibranium is strong, but diamond is stronger.

Who would win: Spider-Man or Black Widow?
black widow because feminism will make her win.

who would win: me or my stats study guide
The stat's study guide's purpose is to help you, so it cannot win if it makes you loose. Therefore, only you can win.

Who would win in a fight? Boldt or bold formatting?
Black Widow fights dirty.

Boldt wins and steals their opponent's power.

Who would win in a fight, the members of Garbage or the members of The Trashmen?
The Trashmen have lots of cocaine energy but Garbage have better endurance.

Who would win in a fight, Aunt Jemima or Mrs. Butterworth?
Someone's going to come to a sticky end.
After careful consideration I came to to the realization that I really don't care because real maple syrup is in the other half of the bracket and neither of these syrups have a chance in the world. But since the match already started I'm picking Mrs. Butterworth because she's worth butter - I mean, it's right there in the name.

Who would win in a fight, Captain Planet or GladiatorMarvel?
Gladiator - All he has to do is leave a diesel engine running for 24 hours and Captain Planet will be no problem.

Who would win : Lightning McQueen or the Oscar-Meyer Wienermobile?
Lightning, he's got the LGBTQ community to back him up.
ha, ha
LGBTQ or Femenists? (if they dislike each other)
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