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Then try some life HACKS
Maybe just SHUCK some corn
And then CHUCK it into a bucket?
Why do we say that chickens CLUCK?
Perhaps because they partially resemble the ticking of a CLOCK?
I do not know the answer to your question, as all the information I know is a bit of a CROCK.
Well, that was a SHOCK
Indeed it was. Now I’m SHOOK.
Perhaps we should turn to the BOOKS for an answer?
Maybe this book would help, judging by the LOOKS of it?
The binding looks a bit LOOSE.
The book looks like it was written by a LOSER.
And I'm really not convinced by that PROSE style.
I wasn't aware that a problem AROSE
Check again once you're SOBER.
Or maybe once you're a HOSER?
That book was too SHORT anyway.
I never liked those SORTS of books
I know, right? At least they are easier to STORE
I heard that some of them have a good STORY to tell.
Others just have a romantic TRYST and very little else.
You need to TRUST that it will be interesting
Ain't that the TRUTH!
Well, that HURTS...
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