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The universe balances itself out by creating virtual particles with negative energy density (thus destroying matter somewhere else in the universe)

The power to render points moot.
You become too dangerous and are lynched by a mob wearing earplugs

The power to photosynthesize like plants
Photic diabetes.

Hearing extending into the ultrasonic range.
death from high pitches.that's an actual thing

Exact precision
But in order to have exact precision , it takes you 10 minutes to do everything. And you're forced to have exact precision for everything.

The power to smell like whatever you want at the moment.
Everyone else's smells bother you, and you lose some empathy for others.

The power to go to sleep whenever you want
Turns out, you can sleep if and only if you want to go to sleep. Wanting to stay asleep doesn't count. When you fall asleep, you stop wanting to go to sleep, which means that you can't sleep - so every time you fall asleep, you instantly wake up.

After a week or so, you go insane from sleep deprivation.

The ability to instantly detect if your food is poisoned.
"Instantly" is the instant you swallow.

The power to spawn food with the snap of a finger.
You become the star of Adventures of Food Boy (real movie) and everyone hates you for it.

The ability to walk under the floor.
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