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^ Correct you heathen
< Doesn't feel like doing this assignment right now
v Enjoys the color yellow
^ Correct you heathen
< Doesn't feel like doing this assignment right now
v Enjoys the color yellow
^Part of the killing kittens society
<leader of the killing kittens society
v really hates me now
^ Still incorrect
< Skipped school today to go skiing
v Did not
^how ironic
<is skipping school next week to go skiing
v probably isn't going skiing in the next month
< School will probably get cancelled sometime next week, and will probably spend that day skiing
v Has had school cancelled some time this year
^Yes. For 4 days straight
<Is bored
v is not playing Gran Turismo 4
^obviously not, if I am on this site.
<has been inactive for, like, 4 months now
v would like a donut right about now
^ No, these donuts made me weary of which ones I accept
< Did not like the Fruit-Loop-and-Milk Donuts a friend got him
v Would like those donuts.
^maybe. It depends on who made the donuts.
<is feeling very lazy, but without the guilt of responsibility
v is currently less than 30 y/o
Ignore me, but do you go to a school in LAUSD delbeto?
<Is in Wisconsin
v is not in California

As it says, I am in Wisconsin, not California, so no
^is incorrect
<lives in SoCal
v doesn't live outside of the US
<Is watching the Expendables
v is not watching a movie
< Is currently using the website Two Cans & String
v Is also using said website
<Is not the cause of the mini blackout in my house
v believes me
^ May or may not be correct
< Is wondering what's in it for them if they vouch for ^
v Doesn't know about a diamond heist
<Is currently not in school for bad weather
v is in
^ Correct
< Disappointed that so far, no school has been cancelled
v Has read my profile at some point
^ Is correct
< Is in a good mood finally
v Is not thinking about beans
^You eat all my beans?
< *Unholy screeches*
v did not see a meme in the past 48 minutes
^ Correct
< Did indeed, eat all of your beans
v Is not satisfied by the current state of the USA
^ will receive this statement: no comment
< blacked out this morning and hit their head on something
v watched Shane Dawson's new conspiracy theory video
^Nah man, fuck Shane.
<Accidently called him Shawn at one point
Did so as well
^forgot a v
<no longer has to reply to ^'s question
v is sad about that