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out comes the one that's SUPPOSED to match it

in goes me killing kittens
Out comes an angry PETA representative.

In goes the other sock from before, but turned inside out
(that's really ironic considering peta euthanizes basically everything)
They don't really like competition I guess.

In goes alfanewmerik
Out comes a faux fox fur.

In goes a pet petrel.
Out comes a wonder pets/paw patrol crossover episode

In goes twenty (20) Box TopsTM, redeemable for money for your school
out comes two (2) united states dollars

in goes 1 trillion zimbabwe dollars
Out comes some bread crumbs

In goes said bread crumbs.
out comes a bird
in goes said bird
Out comes a hand giving you "the bird"

In goes the 💃emoji
out comes dancing with the stars

in goes davebarry's new compromise
Out comes evergreen hiding in a mask

In goes two birds and one stone
Out comes a sling.

In goes a crossbow.
Out comes a quarrel.

In goes Jerry Springer.
Out comes anti-Oprah.

In goes Oprah Winfrey.
Out comes a new car.

In goes a problematic opinion.
Out comes corrupt politicians.

In goes being a decent human being.
Out comes an angry swarm, failing to understand.

In goes unsanitized user input.
Out comes the need for sufficient input validation.

In goes mysqli encode.
Bhg pbzrf EBG-13.

In goes a secret decoder ring.
Out comes a secret decoder ring WITH DIFFERENT SETTINGS!

In goes a Ceasar salad.
Out comes Gaius Julius Caesar.

In goes a dagger.
Out comes rust.

In goes Ferrous Oxide
Out comes burning metal

In goes the statue of liberty, but not oxidized.
Out comes an oxidized figurine of Liberty, scaled to size.

In goes a pair of blue suede shoes.
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