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Out comes a guitar and a trumpet

In goes a Satoru Iwata signed copy of Nintendo Power
Out comes a drooling fanboi.

In goes an alpha MTG card.
Out come another 2.6 Million.

In goes my entire collection of Pokemon cards.
Out comes a small red ball with black and white markings.

In goes a merchandising opportunity.
Out comes a salesman

In goes my soul
Out comes an introspective masterpiece up for the Pulitzer prize in literature...!

In goes every generation of iPhone NiB...
Out comes Siri

In goes a fluffy kitten
Out goes Chinese food.

In goes a toothbrush.
out comes sparkling white lush teeth.

In goes a sophomore hitting a fat boof
guyguy said:
In goes a sophomore hitting a fat boof


Out pops a playboy magazine

In goes a penny (Just cause)
Out comes Abe Lincoln

In goes a sock
Out comes a spare washing machine.

In goes a laundry basket.
Out comes your lost penny

In goes a half dead rooster
(May or may not be my fault)
Out comes a doodle.

In goes Crayon.
Out comes melted wax

In goes Justin Beiber
Out comes many years of my life I regret.

In goes comic sans
Out comes the documents from "Quest"

In goes the nonexistent third season of Boku wa tomodachi ga sukunai
Out comes something... but it is invisible

In goes 'Quest'
out comes DnD.

In goes koisuru shirokuma
Out comes Touhou 8.

In comes a solution of 15ml of Glucose and 15ml of Hydrochloric Acid
Out comes 30ml of CCl4 (Aq)

In goes a blow pop
Out comes a pot flavored stick of gum

In comes my will to live
Out comes a rather lengthy receipt.

In goes a state exam.
Out comes the answer key to next years' SAT

In comes SCP-SL
Out comes a copy of "The Escapists"

In goes a DMP PICA200 @ 133 MHz
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