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A super-calloused fragile mystic hexed by halitosis?

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/\ Makes it look easy.
/\ Makes it look hard
Oh my hell, can somebody tell me what's up with this thread, like, I read the first few posts, but it seems everywhere.... I read half of it.... oh satan, it's a lot to digest
you can actually witness me transition out of my random phase live if you scroll fast enough
Hmm Interesting

Imma request

May I bring the Operator to the basement?
can somone give me a .gif
I am testing out a new content-aware scale plugin for gimp
i want to see if it works
Hehe noice one
I love that there is more than one picture of a badger with a frozen pizza on the internet
please expand
I believe that was his discord profile picture for a while

Edit: Where are our manners? Welcome to the basement, Aurorawe. You can never leave.
So now we know that the site mods have been onto this thread but still haven't sandboxed it - what does this mean for the children? Unclear
Do you want it to be in the sandbox?
I'm not fussed either way.
does it make a difference?
Woah, I exist.
Honestly, if it were to be sandboxed, we pretty much would've expected it by now.
Woah, it's CCG!

I don't really have any preference either way, it's just kind of amusing seeing this thread become so derailed and for so long yet remain on the front page of Forum Games haha

I guess it happens.
meh oh well
How have y’all been
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