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Okay, here's my puzzle:

I recently had a party with five of my ....eccentric... friends. While I was preparing for the party, this is what I had on my shopping list:

1 Fandango Now Gift Card
2 Peaches, Canned
3 Baby Carrots

3 Alfalfa Bundles, de-seeded
7 Bags of Ice
1 Rutabaga, Chopped Finely
6 Smoked Salmon Platters
1 Type of Cheese (Surprise Me ;) )

1 Oreo's Package
12 Movies for Binging
7 Edamame packs

8 Nectarines, Skinned
7 Tubs of Ice Cream, in assorted flavors
2 Antipasti packages
7 Bags of Everything Bagels

4 Toothbrushes
3 A&W Cases
1 Orange juice jug

3 Assorted Cracker Platters
7 Chobani Yogurt Packs
18 Cans of Coke (For my Fix)

Good Luck
Got it, but I'm not guessing because I have no puzzle.
You can message me if you think you know, and I can confirm it if you want.
What is this?
Kylljoy said:
You can message me if you think you know, and I can confirm it if you want.

Did he get it
DIAV got it, but he doesn't want to do the next one, so the puzzle is still up in the air to solve
Feb first one nine two six

that .001 difference tho
Yep. Turn goes to Alphanewmerik.

The solution was as follows:

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
For every item in the list (I.E. "8 Nectarines, Skinned"), you take the number proceeding it and look at the character that many letters into the accompanying item (spaces don't count). Using the example of "8 Nectarines, Skinned", you look 8 characters into the item for the correct letter, which in this case happens to be 'n'
tc3692 said:
What is this?

A game about solving puzzles given by other users. Winner of the previous puzzle makes the next one. Rules are in the first post if you're interested in playing.

I apologize for killing a kitten, but I think it was worth having two seperate posts. At least I'm not duodecatuple posting like Alfanewmerik

Anyways, I'm going on a vacation to China and Japan.
The president happens to be in China with me.
I'm killing him smack dab in the middle of my time in China.
I kinda miss chotano, wonder where he is check out my profile too
Date I get to China: 横||横/横|横/竖|横/横折/竖/横||横/横|横/竖/横折/竖/点/点/点/点/撇/捺/点/横撇/点|横|横/横

Date I get to Japan: "Hey, I kinda hate summer."
Sorry for double posting, but there are two acceptable answers.
so I think the first one relates to writing in chinese?
It's instructions on drawing something I think.
actually, random was right.

anyways, you might want to start with the basic words of chinese.

4|2|3|1| ||1||
Key: | = new word || = new part of date / = new stroke
As random said, look for words in chinese.
And check my profile as well.
When translated it looks like some sort of morse code. Don’t feel like translating it though
But his profile also specifies something different
there's a really big hint that can explain everything in my last message
There's links to wikipedia pages in the white space of Alfanewmerik's last post. I don't really want to do the next puzzle, so I'm spectating for now.
i think i almost got it

If this is it then I think I am really really close, also, i might have mistype something, so if it seems close tell me.
no, how did you get that

you're off by quite a few years and a few days
Θε υεαρ ισ τωεντυ τωελωε
Θε υεαρ ισ τωεντυ τωελωε

Trying to help out, ^ phonetically says "The Year is Twenty-Two"
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