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"So, what's inside?"
Inside the chest, Averack sees the following items:

1.) Two pearls.
2.) A sack, surprisingly heavy for its size.
3.) A leather headband studded with iron rivets.
Do we need to check for traps on any of these items?
I won't stop you if you want to.
Can i look inside the bag?
Looking inside the bag reveals the bright glimmer of gold.
*Gasp* "Chocolate Coins?"
To the bard's extreme disappointment, biting one of the coins reveals not delectable candy beneath the gilted exterior, only more gold.

I wipe the bitten coin off on my shirt and place it back into the bag.

"Who want to take what?"
“We should probably split the coins evenly, but I don’t know about the other things.”
(If any of you have ranks in the Appraise skill, you can attempt to ascertain the value some of the items in the chest. You can also attempt it if you're untrained, but you're limited in what you can try to get the value of, and you're not guaranteed the true value of the item on a success.)
I can appraise the leather headband (or at least try to)
(Feel free to make an Appraise check, then.)
Narcodor has never seen anything like the headband before. He doesn't know what it could be worth.
"So.... should we check out another room?"
"You don't want to keep any of the shinies?" Narcodor asks, motioning towards the pearls
I grab the pearls and take them
"And the sack, and headband?" Narcodor says, taking the sack and putting on the headband.
(You can split up the gold later, if you so wish.)
Can we do it now?
(Of course. Taking the time to count out the coins reveals the sack had 100 gp inside.)
“Ok, so 25 gp each.” I distribute the coins.
Belamros graciously thanks the rogue for sharing his spoils as he deposits the gold coins in his belt pouch for safekeeping.

"We'll need to be more careful from here on out. One bad move, and you could have been hurt terribly."
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