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^ Correct
< Would pay $13.99 for another computer
v Correct
^That works
<Does not have a family pc
v has a modern game console
^ yep
< is about 6 achievements off from 100% completing a game
v doesn't play video games a lot
^I do, what kind of statement is that
<is a gamer most of the time
v is single
^ wow you caught me :O
< had a dream last night that I had a stalker
v doesn’t care
^ my dreams are weirder
< is a lucid dreamer
v is not a lucid dreamer
^ Sometimes
< Has been remembering more dreams than usual as of recent
v Has not been remembering very many dreams recently
^ wrong, somehow
< keeps meeting the same person of indeterminate gender in my dreams
v has a recurring element in their dreams
^ yes, I'm always asleep when I have dreams
< Has problems
v also has problems
^ has problems
< has problems
v has problems
^ assumes that everyone has problems
< does have problems
v tries to fix their own problems
^ Correct

< Is oofed.

v also oofed
<Is playing Final Fantasy X
v has touched or played a Final Fantasy title


v Delbeto
^ o shit
< not delbeto
v probably not delbeto
^ Correct

< Was wrong

v Not Delbeto
< is weird
v is "quirky"
/\ May be right
< Thought it was qwerty.
\/ Doesn't care.
^i guess not as long as you are quirky
< is nervous but also bored
v is feeling one or both of those emotions right now
^ is very right
< is bored most of the time, but right now is feeling mostly anxious/tired
v likes to get eight hours of sleep whenever possible
^Indeedy do
<Is bored out of their mind
v does not mind
^ ok
< my entire band went on a trip to Florida but my parents couldn't afford it and wouldn't let me get a job so I couldn't pay for it
v is also angry and/or disappointed like me
^Your parents seem like shit
<Has parents whom'st spend a lot sometimes
v eats at KFC on occasions
^Nope. Never eat out (again, parents)
< is cold
v is possibly cold
^It is cold over here
<has runny nose
v no runny nose