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Maybe a poem
Is the kindle to insight
Vision, fresh anew
Lying on my desk
Innocent, yet accusing
blank sheets of paper.
There’s eight syllables
In your poem’s middle line.
Cut out the word “me.”
Thinking about life
Pondering the universe
But I have homework...
Last night, 3AM
Stuck in a YouTube spiral
I must get a life
An immense burden
Resting upon my shoulders
Tired and weary
Take me down to the
Haiku city where the grass
Is green and the-crap
I feel that fleeing
Is the best course of action
But, where do I go?
Fleeing is pointless.
Do I need to remind you
everybody dies?
Death is not the end
One must live while they can, or
Else they do not live.
Last day of finals
Nervous pit in my stomach
Get me out of here
You know what you know.
It's too late to change that now
Just let it flow, man!
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