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I want a box of just regular colors, but with their z-order set to "1" so they draw lines over the top of ordinary crayons instead of smearing together.
Minus 1 would be useful, too.
I was spending the last hour studying stats and I read z-value instead of z-order and I was like wtf how do you find the mean and standard deviation of crayons
Confusion Blue (?)
Sawyer white
Invisible wax
Color Out of Space.
Dark Matter
Left-Circular Polarizing. (In case you're making drawings for cuttlefish or honey bees or something.)
KKK white
Morally Grey
50 more shades of gray
Hamtart87 said:
50 more shades of gray

is that one of those multicolored ones that change as you use it?
Mood Ring.
Chekov's crayon: The color, though seemingly insignificant, is vitally important
Heisburg Uncertainty Purple - The more you know about where it is in the box, the less you know about the colour
"Schrodinger's" Crayons
A box of crayons that remain in a state of being both brand-new and worn down until you look inside.

A crayon you want to put down as soon as you pick it up, and you want to pick up as soon as you put it down.
Vantablack. It smells like childhood fears.
Kobold blue.
YInMn Blue
wait that's a real color
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