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Out comes nothing but disappointment.

In goes the pearl that could have been.
Out comes rose quartz

In goes a candy bar
Out comes a Wonka's Whipple-Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight. Is there a ticket inside? Who knows?

In goes the Apple of Discord.
Out comes a link to a Discord for fans of Apple products.

In goes a Gen I iPod.
Out comes an IPhone D

In goes a dollar-fifty
Out come 27 pesos.

In goes a taco.
Out comes a cat.

In goes a misunderstanding.
Out comes an understanding.

In goes the color purple.
Out comes blue and red

In goes a genie
Out comes blue and red

In goes a genie
Out comes a magic lamp

In goes a ukulele
Out comes a tiny Tiny Tim.

In goes a wavetable synthesizer.
Out comes a vegetable blender.

In go three slightly damp Oreo cookies.
Out comes a pile of oreo tasting mush.

In goes a whole jar of rainy day money.
Out comes a now broken and empty jar

In goes a singular crispy dollar bill
Mm, crispy chicken
Out comes just the Chicken Skin. It's somewhat crispy, but nothing to write home about.

In goes a letter you've written home about Chicken Skin (the kind so crispy you should, in fact, write home about)
Out comes an empty, grease-stained bucket.

In goes a quart of motor oil.
Out comes a partly-fueled car.

In goes a nice, well-made car.
Out comes two quarts of motor oil

In goes a printed copy of each email I've sent and received in my entire life
out comes a can of salted meat.

in goes a clipart of anime characters, scaled by a factor of 1/2
out comes the fbi

in goes a landmine
Out comes an IED.

In comes a copypasta
Out comes a creepypasta

In goes blank space
Out comes dead space.

In goes eighteen minues of dead air.
Out comes 1000 cubic feet of stale air.

In goes an IUD.
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