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Suddenly the dryad is drawn to the conversation at the bar, she is itching for adventure after leaving her community. She begins to stand, wanting to approach them.
The warrior princess, trying to keep a low profile, does not get up, but listens from a careful distance, intrigued.
"You have quest in mind, at this moment?" He turned his attention back at the elf-dragon with a whim, "Pardon me, I apologize for centering this conversation around my own interests so far.. but may simply I ask more about this quest of yours?"
"Why yes, you may."
Jonathan provided a cheery smile, then turned towards the Inn Keeper. They had a hushed conversation - something about a Dectal figure - then the I.K. walked into a different room. Jonathan stood up, and walked over to Brynwulf and his companion.
"May I speak to your Companion, kind sir?"
A sharp exhale leaves his snout. "Very well." he says, glancing over his shoulder at Jonathan. "Not that he needs my permission to speak." he adds.
"Hey pup, what's your name?" Jonathan asked the wolf, kneeling down beside him.
"My name is Kami", the wolf replied. "How can I help you?"
"I'm looking for somebody who can join my acquaintance, Falvias, over there. Are you and your master interested? It is a quest I am speaking of joining of."
Not waiting for the wolf's answer, the Dryad's fox bounds over to Jonathan and begins pawing furiously at him, as if wishing to be asked on a quest herself.
"What's wrong little fox?" He strokes the foxes coat. "You wanna come too?"
Wrqytrn grabs a nearby napkin and reaches for a pen on the counter, beginning to write what appears to be a letter. He softly chuckles, writing fervently.
The chuckle attracts Jonathan's attention, and he stands, leaving the animals behind.
"What are you doing, sweet cheeks?" He whispers into the Elf's ear, thoroughly startling him.
With Jonathan distracted the dryad joins her companion and introduces herself to the Wolf and Half-Wolf "Hi, I'm Artemisia, this is Freya."
The elf, now on the floor beside his chair, simply clutches the letter close to him.

"Nothing" he responds, "Just writing a letter to a friend of mine"

He gets back to his feet and shoots Jonathan a glance, before tentatively unfurling the napkin and continuing to write.
The half-wolf pivoted on his barstool to face the dryad, planting his hands on his knees. "Brynwulf," he bellowed, with a strange gusto, outstretching a paw.
Artemisia takes his paw in her spindly green hand.
"So what is this about a quest. Hopefully, Freya made it clear that I'm interested."
Jonathan looked back towards the dryad and the others.
"You'll see when Dectal arrives."
"Who's Dectal?" Artemisia is puzzled.
Jonathan flushed.
"My... friend. Oh and just a warning, he is a tiefling, but please, don't freak."
"Of course."
Just then the door that the I.K went through slammed open. An angered tiefling stepped through.
"Who the hell wanted to see me?"
Artemisia stumbles backward into Brynwulf, surprised. She regains her composure and furrows her brow quizzically, still wondering about his presence.
Brynwulf nonchalantly turns back to his table in an effort to not draw attention to himself. He keeps his eyes down and takes a sip from his mug, despite it being empty.
The tiefling turned his attention to the group that contained Falvias, Wyqrtyn, and Jonathan. He raised an accusing hand and pointed at the group. "What do you want?" He snarled.
Cue Falvias and Wyqrtyn
Falvias stiffly turned his head towards the rest of the group, as if silently goggling at them would help him get any answers.

"Uh, p-pardon me, sir?"
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