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^ depends what class
< is troubled
v is slightly less troubled
^Is wrong
<Very troubled due to tests and such
v Is on the forum
^ Clearly psychic
< Online at the time of this post
v Online at the time of the next post
^ very clearly psychic
< not online at the time of the previous post
v not online at the time of this post
^ Correct I think
< Is really only online during classes
v Is also really only online during classes
^Knows too much
<Eats too many limes
vIs the next person to post on this thread.
^ Wow you can tell the future
< Is very excited for the weekend because I'm exhausted and stressed out
v Is also excited for the weekend
^ I'm taking the ACT for the second time and IM NOT EVEN A JUNIOR
< is tired
v will post something in the forum before thy come to this thread
^ randomly used "thy"
< knows that "thy" is the informal version of "you"
v did not know that

Edit: *your
^ is not a QWERTY fan
< is pretty sure “thy” is an archaic form of “your,” rather than “you”
v did not appreciate this
⋀ Is to be commended for knowing these things.
< Thinks that in this context "thy" was just a typo for "they"
⋁ Had probably also worked that out.
^ has a very reasonable interpretation of events
< just listened to the first single from Djesse vol. 2
v has unfortunately never heard of Jacob Collier
^ correct
< is wondering who that is
v knows
^I do not, unfortunately
< Is woke at 4 am
v does not become woke until at least 6, their time
^ I guess, I had to get up for the ACTs today and it was painful
< took the ACTs for the second time, and I'm still only a sophomore
v took the ACT/SAT only once
^Practice ACTs. So no, more than once.
<Hates their current homeroom teacher
v also has a disliked instructor
^my old English teacher got a new job so now my class is stuck with a worse one who also teaches in a building separate from the high school
< is also failing English because I didn't make an optional outline for an essay
v is not doing well in a certain subject
^Science, because of the damn teacher
<Is failing science because the teacher is extra strict and "holier than thou"
v knows how those people are
^ correct
< waiting for someone who isn’t coming
v late
^ yeah, kinda
< is procrastinating English work
v is not
^ Oll Korrect.
< Back at school from spring break.
v Waiting for the summertime.
^ true, it's about 20 days till we're out
< is tired because I stayed up til 4:30 am
v is responsible and didn't stay up
^I sleep at 10pm and wake at 4:30 am regardless
<Is a heavy sleeper and snorer
v snores
^ Unfortunately yes
< Snores very loudly
v Does not snore
^I have no idea, but probably not

< is currently in social studies

v is in math