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Granted, you say fuck a little too much

I wish I had a good reason to swear today
granted, a close friend gets into an argument with you, you cuss them out

I wish i could have a better comeback that isn't 'go fuck yourself'
granted but the comeback is 'go **** me' :)

I wish I wasn't insecure
granted, you think you're the greatest human to ever walk this planet but all the things you were insecure about are amplified. you thought you had a big nose before? oooh boy...

i wish corn would stop getting stuck inbetween my teeth
Granted, but instead of corn being suck in between your teeth, your teeth get stuck in between the corn.

I wish that I were more knowledgeable
Granted. You now have a comprehensive understanding of the mating habits of the common garden slug.

I wish for a D&D 3.5 renaissance.
Granted, you run the one person club

I wish I could roleplay better
Granted, you get really good at uncomfortable asterisks

I wish I was paying attention
Granted, you become REALLY annoyed when people do anything wrong

I wish for happiness
Granted, but it only comes once every decade and lasts for about a second.

I wish I was healthier
Granted, but you get too healthy and die without enough nutrients.

I wish that i didn't have a double chin.
granted, you dont have fat on your neck but the rest of your body looks like a marshmallow and you are extremely obese

i wish that i could stop losing the game (but now you lost so haha)
Granted, but you are now the only one who knows about it.

I wish that my knockoff air pods wouldn't die so quickly
Granted. The battery life improves, but you get hit by a car while listening to music with them.

I wish for a passport.
Granted, but it's a one-way passport to Hell.

I wish for a life of happiness, magic and wonder.
Granted, it is somebody else's.

I wish to concentrate on my studying.
Granted, you only study dogs.

I wish for my dog to come home.
JK I don't have a dog

I wish for everlasting peace on Earth.
Granted, you're as bored af

I wish for motivation
Granted, but you have the motivation to do the things you need to do but fate has other plans.

I wish that I hadn't jacked up my ear the other day.
Granted, now your other ear is jacked up instead.

I wish for a polite conversation with an alien species.
Granted, but they politely tell you that they are going to probe your ass

I wish I could have one more week of school.
Granted. Your school adopts an all-year schedule.

I wish for a time machine.
Granted. It's built by an amateur and forgot to establish the space aspect of the time machine.

I wish that I was faster at cooking my own meals.
granted your so fast you burn your house down

i wish for more food!!!!!!!!!!
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