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granted, and it somehow knows what you're trying to draw and helps you with it

I wish I would stop losing my guitar picks
Granted, you also have a neat holder for all of them.

I wish for some new shoelaces.
granted, you get a lifetime supply of cool looking shoelaces all with different designs and they come in any color you want

i wish i could just get my work done
Granted, but you also get it it done quickly.

I wish that I were more knowledgeable.
Granted... but are you sure? You're gonna graduate top of your class :D...

I wish I will pass my world history AP test with a solid 4/6.
I've been predicting low 4 at highest and I'm much more likely to get a 3 borderline 2. Witch is bad. I'm posting for good luck. Because I need it. God help me.
Granted-- you get a full score!!
(good luck, btw)

I wish I could get better at playing instruments without having to practice so much
Granted, you also are able to use your voice to its full potential.

I wish that I hadn't procrastinated and all my work was done.
Granted, you get your work done and improve your relationships with your friends and loved ones with all the extra time you have now.

I wish that I could draw better.
Granted, you can draw whatever you want in whatever style you want and it makes you feel happy and fulfilled!!

I wish I would stop loosing my keys.
Granted, if you ever lose your keys they return to your pocket, sort of like riptide

I wish that I could be more efficient with time.
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