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Granted: the copy is broken.

I wish my mom wasn't sick in the hospital right now...
Grantted, now she's not sick, but has a constant itch on her baak that never goes away.

I wish for an unbroke copy of breath of the wild
Granted: The copy is glitched.
(any state is better then what she currently is rn..)

I wish that I could sleep a restful sleep with no interruptions.
Granted, now you have nightmares that cause schizophrenic hallucinations.

I wish for a better version of windows 10
Granted: Your windows 10 version has now been updated to Windows Update Every Hour.

I wish for memes.
Granted, but you stay up all night looking at the glorious memes

I wish for absolutely nothing to change in my life
Granted, now you stil live with your parents even in your 20s-80s. You can't move out, you have no job, and you sspend your time posting on 4chan and reddit. You never gain popularity, since you don't have the creativity or the motivation to try. You're in a constant state of depression, but would never entertain the thought of suicide, since you wouldn't be able to see the next movie or episode in a series you like. The only major change you'd have would be your death, which would be of natural causes.

I wish I wasn't good at posting depressing content xD
Granted, you become extremely derpessed and don't want to let anyone know, so you stop posting depressing content.

I wish for a best friend that lives in my city
Granted. They start stalking you with intent to take your seed.

I wish for an end to my anxiety.
Granted. You are dead. (You really should have seen that coming)

I wish I had a well-paying job with reasonable hours in a field I enjoyed.
Everyone in the job hates you.
I wish I would have more motivation.
This motivation is that every time you don't accomplish your goal, your closest friend is shot.

I wish for a list of all formatting codes for this site
Granted, but the formatting given to you is actually Links to lolcat type memes.

I wish for a device that lengthens time at my own will.
Granted. It breaks, bringing time to a stop. And with you being unable to fix it, you're stuck.

I wish to be able to teleport without error.
You can teleport exactly to the location you want, but unless you can teleport to a vacuum, you're going to get superimposed on/combined with whatever matter is in that location. I don't know the whole science of what happens next, but I'm guessing it doesn't end well.

I wish for the discovery of a cure for cancer
Granted, but you discover a terrible secret behind the ilness that causes a severe outbreak in a mutated form of cancer, rendering the cure useless.

I wish I could create anything out of nothing.
Granted, but a chicken must be created alongside with it or else the item disappears within 5 minutes

I wish I would stop jumping around from tab to tag and stay focused on what I'm reading
Granted. You are now unable to jump from tab to tab-- your arms have been amputated.

I wish I would stop impulsively buying things.
Granted. Now you don't buy anything, not even food.

I wish Chaos;Head NoAH came out in English.
evergreen said:
I don't know the whole science of what happens next, but I'm guessing it doesn't end well.

Oh it really doesn't.


Cr3d_F1r3 said:
I wish Chaos;Head NoAH came out in English.
It's dubbed by one guy doing all the characters in a crappy affected accent.

I wish for a salad.
Granted, it has way too much ranch for it to be edible

I wish for red velvet cake
Granted. You now have a red, velvet pillow shaped like a cake, and with the word cake stitched ontop.

I wish to know all the rules to driving.
Granted, but now your doctor has forbidden you from driving, as it messes with your nerves.

I wish I could hold meaningful conversations.
Granted, but they're all about you wanting to hold meaningful conversations

I wish for a free car with an unlimited supply of gas
Granted, The car is a unnecessarily long limo.

I wish I could talk to my girlfriend telepathically.
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