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You're welcome.
So how’s everyone day been?
Not bad, but I am quite tired now...
Oh God. It's 02:30. Again.
am or pm?
Psh, I've only won ten times, I need to up my game.

Not this page, you won't
You won’t get this page either
i'm assuming you did.
This page ain’t even half done yet
evergreen said:
am or pm?

The leading zero implies 24-hour clock, hence am.
good ol' ante meridian
I almost never use 24 hour time, so I guess I missed that. Is it more common outside the US, like all the other smart ways of measuring things?
Common in Europe, for transport and in the military. I think both systems are used to some extent worldwide.
I refuse to let DIAV take the win. I win now.
Sixteen is a nice number. Four fours, or two eights
And this comment has nothing to do with the previous comments!
Almond bark
If you peel back the brown exterior of an almond and eat that, it tastes gross.
I messed this up
It's okay. I mean, I don't mind if you get #24.
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