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^Yas must know all the ways of the dots. The dots shall be mine to "dote" over hahahahah.
<Still feels bad man
vGotta catch 'em all
< lol it's fine, I really don't care, I stopped caring a while ago :p
v Is not easily butthurt
^I don't remember the exact definition of butthurt xD
<That just makes me feel worse, that you don't have someone to dote over.
< Lol, the pun game is strong with this one; it's fine I'll be just be forever alone
v Also, butthurt=easily offended
^ I will travel across the land! (What did you just say about me?)
< Terrible at prompt responses.
v Is graduating this month.
Sorry, I keep double posting or whatever you wanna call it! I'll see myself out now....
Nyehh, you're fun to talk to though. Dm time~
^^^ Correct
< Graduating this week
v will help me restore order to this thread
^ *order restored(hopefully?)* congrats on graduating btw!!
< preformed at a graduation and died from the heat
v went to a graduation
^ Yes
< Has to find a summer job
v Employed part time
^I am a part time volunteer, close enough
<Remembers a lot of old things
v is now linking me to something
^ not really but when you said "linking" i thought of longanisa
< is kinda hungry but at the same time im not
v has a favorite food
^ yeah, it's chicken alfredo
<is finally reading Heros of Olympus
↓Has at least read part of the Percy Jackson series
^I read one. I don't remember which, either.
<Has woken up less than 10 minutes ago as of this post
v is not an early bird
^you say as I know fully well I'm gonna sleep until noon again
< Is a night owl
↓is too
< Is now at home with a friend asking me to go with them
v should I go?
^ its been like 3 hours since, i hope you were able to make a decision
< is dying from the heat
v is also suffering from 90 american degree weather
^ nah, I live in Alaska, so that's basically impossible
< Is excited to have a friend come up for their summer visit
↓also has a friend that's not living where they're living
^Nope, everyone is in my hometown, and I visit them
< Is currently possibly clinically depressed
v will not worry about such
^ is hopefully seeking help
<has off and on troubles with depression
v will find something happier to talk about.
^I got caught in the rain with a good friend of mine
<Is drenched, but now recovering from cold
v is now in a better position than before
^ I was like super depressed two days ago but I'm fine now
< has random bouts of depression at weird times
v can help me
^ i go through the same thing yet i have no idea what could help you. i could listen if that counts for anything
< luckily skipped going to another graduation
v plays an instrument
< Plays multiple instruments, all percussion
v Has played a piano
^ Correct. I have a YouTube channel and everything.

< Is a long acting member of this site who until now has been inactive.

v Likely knows of me.