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Jazz-like Blue
Monochrome rainbow
Scale grey.
spectrum wireless
colbat blue. not cobalt. colbat
(y'know, the way those clear-wax crayons are supposed to look but never do)
Sleepy sea green
So instead of making up the name first, I clicked on a random color and named it.
Such an alluring, verdant color.

Onto the bandwagon I go.
Australian blue.
blue moon orange
kudos to anyone who gets it
shit brown
piss yellow
period red
coochie pink
cream white

(I'm sorry)
At least cream is nice. I love to take a nice big gulp of some fresh cream every now and again.
A set of skin tones that draw freckles and tiny hairs for you.

(I'm sorry)
Life pro tip: If you can already tell you're going to have to apologize, save yourself and everyone else the trouble and don't say it to begin with.
baby shower blue and baby shower pink
Rhapsody (in Blue, Green, etc.)
Liquid Oxygen
Yello yellow.
Bonus feature: Y'know how the big boxes of crayons come with a sharpener built in? Well this pack includes a crayon eraser.
Chernobyl green
Pripyat pink.
Oil spill!
Sunset gold
Moody blue
sunflower yellow
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