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^ my dad brought home in n out. i dont know how greasy it is but i do know is that its making me feel sick
< just binged the 3rd season of stranger things
v has used tutorials on youtube before
^Mostly Minecraft and Cod Zombies Easter egg ones
<Is currently awake
v is not asleep
/\ Sticking his neck out there.
< Might be sleep-posting
\/ Thinks that is unlikely.
^That is correct
< is eager to visit the arcade again
v has not gone to an arcade that isn't Chuck E cheese
^ Dude, literally was in an arcade today
< Is tired of traveling, has not slept in his own bed for two weeks now (Technically, I slept once in a small gap between trips) due to scheduling of two simultaneous events
v Has not traveled for a while
^ Get some rest, tall child.
< Not a big traveller, but today's an exception.
v Currently residing in the western hemisphere.
<Is awakened
v has been to Goodwill and gotten sometihing
^Nope, my small town doesn’t have it

< has too many ideas that I want to work on

¥ has at least 1 wip right now
^ Kind of, it's an off-and-on project
< Is currently working on a project in Crayon, just so I can get familiar with it
v Also has done some work with Crayon
^ not since elementary school
< needs a new computer
v has more than one pillow on their bed
^nah, man, just one flat pillow.
< is at the library
v is not outside
^ I have 3

< is “reading” a book

¥ hopefully had/is having a good day
^Probably was replying to ^^^'s post instead of ^^'s
< Is having a pretty good day
v Will go to bed before 11:30 tonight
/\ Already too late for that.

< Preparing a midnight snack.

\/ Getting up before 08:00 tomorrow.
^ define "getting up"-- i usually wake up around 6 but since its summer i usually dont get out of bed until noon
< despite the season im still sleeping with blankets
v doesnt
^I was until 3 days ago, when temps here reached over 90 f
< now sleeps in shorts and shirt
v visits the library once in a blue moon
^ Of course! Where else would I pay fines to very slowly read otherwise free books?
< Currently is in debt to the library to the tune of $1.20
v Owes no man
^ I fear no man, but that thing *not losing weight dispite exersizing eveery day* it scares me
< phone burned out, wants to repair it
v believes it is best I move on
^ Is partially incorrect
< Is at school, even though they're free to go home
v Would never do this
^ha you're funny
<uses reddit
v doesn't have reddit
^ Incorrect
< Has a reddit account, but rarely uses it
v Used to use facebook
^ Partially correct.

< Still uses Facebook, but also used to use it.

v Is confused by something.
^No, not really
<Is currently stuck in a deja Vu loop
v is confused by this
^ Actually no. I have experienced them before.

< Is incredibly tired right now.

v Delbeto?
^Indeed I am
<Likes fun facts
v also likes fun facts