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^should check out internet explorer, the webcomic
^Reads many webcomics
^should read more webcomics
^ reads webcomics
^ got me :/
^ Ready to move on about the topic about webcomics
/\ Hasn't divulged their favourite webcomic yet.
^is still on webcomics
^has read at least one webcomic
^I've read Household Affairs
^ Did a "<", not a "^"
^ is sticking up for correct usage of arrows
^^ is in the right
^ verifying thqt ^^ is stanfing up for correct arrow usage
^ The number of arrows that you're using is starting to get into your head
^is very correct
^ Participates mostly in the forum games
^ likes the color green
^Probably enjoys Japanese animation shortened to anime. Now knows that slang is actually also slang for shortened language
/\ Informative
^ McDiav of the Scotts.
/\ Oregon of the species.
/\ Indeed I am.
^Has played a Legend of Zelda game
/\ Missing Linc
^Is now being told that divorce is a thing in my life
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