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But it dulled every BLADE they owned though.
Alas, only BLAKE can save the day.
But we must not forget the monster of the LAKE, Nessie.
the water in there can SLAKE your thirst
Or in winter you may be able to SKATE on it.
Or fly KITES when it's windy.
What would happen if someone BIKES on a frozen lake?
They would probably crack the ice into SPIKEs
Or break a SPOKE on their wheel.
Meh, PESKY details.
Well at least no one PEEKS at said details.
When you're moving at SPEED, details are important.
Perhaps we should use a SPADE to dig up the hidden ones?
Are you ADEPT at digging through ice?
I could watch some old TAPES about it if I must.
That's probably a reasonable first STAGE in the process.
I could also consult the SAGES of ice and snow in the distant lands of Elvenar.
I GUESS you could, at that.
Or perhaps consult the ghost of Dr. SEUSS possibly? He seemed pretty well learnt in the ways of this world.
Did he do the one about ASSES in glasses taking classes?
I'm not sure but I think he was in an episode of Cheers in SEARS.
That sounds like a topic for an ESSAY
The thesis could be a bit MESSY, though
Like when they had to butcher BESSY the cow?
Yes, she was my BESTY

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