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"Oh, right! The quest..."

"What was it again?"
"...we need to get to a secure location to talk." Jonathan started down the path.
Kami barks, for he is to tired to talk.
Hamtart87 said:
Suddenly, a distant shriek is heard ringing out from the only standing full building in the area. The place looks as if it shouldn't still be standing, on account of how large and old it seems. It stands in the middle of the ruins, disconnected from any pathways. Fortunately, grass doesn't kill you. The fact that it is disconnected brings up the question however as to where the paths DO lead.

Just a little reminder...
"Ok ok guys.. We have to get back on track. We should probably go explore that building."
Brynwulf, who has been standing beside the building for an indiscernable amount of time, swats away the vegetation that has grown around his legs.

He turns back to the group with a soft, but audible whuff
"Guys I think we should go farther in. It looks kinda sketchy but it should be fine."
"Well, if you insist," replies Falvias, finally setting aside the dinged watch he tried to repair.
Dectal pulls Jonathan back. "We're going into the building... together"
"Alright," Jonathan relents, "Lead the way."
Dectal starts forward, lighting torch.
Artemisia grins. Finally this is starting to get back on track. She follows them into the building.
"Anybody got a light? Bit dark in here."
Kami barks, and a small floating light appears in front of the group.
All of a sudden, with the burst of light, the cat from earlier appears visible...sort of. It looks all distorted and old and gross. Nasty.
"Awww crap. Uhhh guys? that looks kinda worrying"
"Poor thing," Falvias mutters in distress.

He peers towards the uncovered recesses of the cloister, his eyes squinting as it adjusted to the light.
Freya warily walks up to it. She pokes it with her paw and the cat makes a squelching noise.
"As much as I dislike the notion, perhaps you were right about the cat being, or affected, by demonspawn?" said Falvias, marking his consideration by a brief tilt towards Brynwulf.
"The corpse is fresh. Whatever did this is nearby" he warns
"I'm not a cat, and I'm not dead." says the demonspawn. "Name's Gyver, how's it goin'?" "I guess you wouldn't exactly be wrong about me being affected."
"You smell like death" he says, bluntly
"Well yeah. Maybe it's the fact that I'm an unholy aberration. Part of the job description."
Dectal laughs while Jonathan looks slightly uneasy. "Nice to meet you Gyver," the half demon said joyously. "You wouldn't happen to be able to help us out, now would you?"
Kami starts to back away, and braces for a fight.
Artemisia is thoroughly confused. Who was this creature and what did it want?
"Wouldn't have expected to find you here." Gyver takes notice to Kami. "I mean I would help you out if what you were seeking were not my death."
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