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You are a bad YouTube comments section
You can't join a conversation without lowering the average IQ.
That's not very nice
your hairstyle is giving Donald Trump a run for his money
If you're going to try and blow your own horn you might want to learn how to play.
No u
... and when I say u, you barely rate a third of a w.
u is one half of double-u, and you're only one-third of a double-u.
Read the dictionary before you try to spell things out.
[soccer mom routine]
Yo momma got da biggest balls in da family.
You have no idea on what you just released. (Due to the above post, the aforementioned soccermom yelled at our good webmaster, Blake for something he isn't responsible for. You'd think it resulted in this site being taken down, but no. Instead, because Blake is good at Epic Crab Battle, he completely obliterated that bitch known as a soccermom and kept our site running, like an epic gamer)
is the soccermom a Karen
No you're a Karen
no u
*pulls out Uno reverse card* NO U!
reverse card again
I know you are but what am I?
You're mom is something!
shit, not again the Karen yet again does the same thing to Blake and gets yeeted again because of the same reasons as last time (Karen is so stupid)
God, you're such a Karen.
omigosh let m3 spek 2 ur manager ur so mean
*Whips out Yugioh card* Hah! You've activated my trap card! *Pulls out Uno reverse card* No u!
sa;lfhsifjewlaeft,oafca;kjfopwqueiaf;;ja (socer mum has a seizure)
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