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W: “Um, what just happened?”
S: “A god sent you out.”
W: “Oh.”
Wyyca sees Kurio.
W: “OH. Hi. Who are you?”
S: “Oh, by the way, if you didn’t cause the black hole shenanigan, then who did?”
Shadow lightly smacks everyone with tentacles, leaving a black smear.
S: “Don’t wipe it off.”
clonex-follows and helps randomly selected person each turn. currently not following anyone and cannot be forced to follow anyone.
S: “Oh. Hi. Who are you?”
Wyyca makes a questioning noise.
I am no one, without purpose, until I choose to give myself purpose.
S: “So you’re basically a programmed unbonded Vessel, then. Wonderful.
Just know that I’m not going to have any qualms about killing you.”
W: “Hi!”
Name: Doug
Age: 78
Ability: Hearing aids, poor eyesight, five time Bingo county champion

Doug rolls up in his 2003 Honda Civic. He forgot his contacts, so he bumps into Shadow while trying to parallel park. He appears to be at some Halloween party.
W: “Oh. Hey. Another person. Hi.”
Shadow glances over at Doug. He doesn’t seem very hurt despite a car ramming into him.
S: “Perhaps you should leave. People fight here for a living.”
Wyyca gets some high prescription glasses and puts them on Doug.
K blasts Klonex into space.
"If you don't introduce yourself, you don't get to be here."
Name: Bartholomew.
Age: resurrected at 56.
Powers: ax summoning, aiming summoned axes and spitballs, is made out of clay.

B embeds an ax in Kairo's liver.
Wyyca takes the axe out and heals the injured person, before throwing the axe over the walls of the arena.
"I'm Merlin!"
K notices Wyyca heal M and blasts B into space.
Can't wait until there are 27 characters in this thread. Then everybody'll have to use TWO letter identifiers
W: "Bye!"
Oh, so you think i'm not planning to use two letter shorthands soon?
make a dude
I make a dude named... frank. He attacks with his... gun. He continues to pull guns out of his ass and throwing them at you until you die.
Or he would have died, if Shadow didn’t keep absorbing them via wrapping them in tentacle. He seems pretty happy.
S: “Thank you for the free food.”
Shadow also eats Frank by wrapping than absorbing him.
S: “Why are you here for the sole reason of killing someone using one very bullcrapy move? Fairly sure that’s not allowed.”
Shadow flies up to camp for refreshments.
"Hey, who wants some free food?" Clonex shouts, choosing not to use a physical form...yet
S, yelling: “Is that for me or everyone else?”
"anyone who wants it!" Clonex yells back
K takes all the food and zaps Klonex, even though that's not supposed to be possible.
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