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A tablespoon of molasses and salt and pepper to taste.
I add rice.
I remove all of the rice.
I'm sickened by the veganism of the nothingness and I add in lice.
I nicely splice some priceless spice into our riceless lice.
I take the bowl away and replaces it with an unopenable airtight container, and makes a new batch, complete with all the rice from the discarded pile plus some bits of trash.
I add some ice
I spike it thrice
(With Vodka)
I add some roasted
I put in a price
I put some water
I'm gonna turn up the power make it
I'm gonna go on reddit, do some dank
I add some restless spirits that are screaming
The rice is gone, I have to say.
It looks like trash, the flavors clash;
Let's try again another day.
What a dish this is!
Rice and lice and heat and ice!
We are the best chefs!
ew, new rice.
First step is to leave it cooking for a few trillion years so it's nice and crispy.
Add a dash general relativity, a pinch of rocket science, and some high-speed cooking to skip those trillion years and continue ruining improving the rice

I pour in the remaining unspent rocket fuel to flash-freeze the rice.
I put an Ascension KitTM in.
It has all needed materials for a new swarm.
It's looking a bit beat up.
How about some bandages?
I'm going to add the entire Brassica oleracea plant, with all vegetables and a chipmunk associated with it. Very very ripe.
...So what if there's slight fermentation?
i wanna add some nuclear waste
Bury it under some dirt, so that the radiation can contaminate the area for decades to come.
I toss some salt along the burial site.
I give a sample to everyone
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