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Banned because you aren't the intergalactic police and you can't say if this isn't a no hyperspeed zone.
banned because you arent the intergalactic police, so you can't say either
Banned for adding a gun to your avatar

(Democrats triggered)
banned because i have a right to bear arms
(republicans applaud)
Banned for politicizing things.
Banned for ignoring politics
Banned for not explaining politics.
Banned because I realized I have the right to bear arms so I added them to my profile

(Pun-lovers applaud)
banned because your pun is actually funny
Banned for playing with Fire.
banned for false accusations
Banned for accusing the accuser

Also, I'm stuck with bear arms now, aren't I?
Banned for not making it clear until stated.
Banned for using "it" as a vague pronoun with no clear reference.
Banned for Grammar Nazism
Banned because it was a simple correction.
Banned for using “it.”
Banned for being correct
Banned for failing.
banned for typing
Banned for pettiness.
banned for accusing me of somthing that i have been previously accused of
Banned for repeating mistakes, then.

banned for falling
Banned for advertising.
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