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Gretta cocks her head to the side.

G: EVERYBODY DOWN!!!! *She puts her arms up as a ball of darkness hits the party and explodes in a massive wave of concussive force. When the dust clears the party is inside of a globe of white shimmering light.* E-Everybody okay?!
Wyyca’s freaking out, clinging to Shara.
SI: “No.
Not hurt physically, at least.
G: BRACE YOURSELVES!!!! *A second blast hits the shield and Gretta is pushed a little into the dirt trying to keep the barrier up.* Ughhh. H-Heavy.
Shara tries to hold the shield up with his wings.
SI: “This armor can take quite a bit.”
A third blast hits the shield and it shimmers a little and hairline cracks appear in it.

G: *falls to her knees* R-Really h-heavy.
Shara stands up and roars. He seems pissed.
Wyyca’s still clinging to Shara.
A very glowy dragon starts blasting the arena, carefully avoiding the shield.
A fourth blast hits and Gretta collapses. The shield shatters and Gretta's nose begins to bleed. She isn't moving.
Wyyca walls over to Gretta, whining.
She then holds Gretta. A flash goes across the arena.
Gretta is fully healed, but Wyyca is much worse for wear.
The black liquid in the arena forms into a dome shape, further reenforced by Shara’s spires.
Gretta stirs slightly and starts breathing raggedly.
Wyyca currently lying on Shara’s arm.
SI: “So that did work. Not as well as expected, but functional.
"Hey, just thought I'd drop in! How are things going?"
Frostfire hands out popcorn and donuts
Shara and Wyyca munch on the treats. Shara doesn’t eat a lot, though.
SI: “Could be better.
SI: “Ah, so you get to take breaks. The hunters I’ve met do not. Once they’re on, they won’t stop until forced to.
Gretta shudders and melts away into Sora. The Dragonborne gasps and sits up.

S: W-Where am I?
SI: @In the arena, that’s quite a bit smaller.
” Wyyca clibgs onto Sora.
She seems happy.
SI: “In the arena, that’s quite a bit smaller. There’s also someone blasting the wall.
Wyyca clings onto Sora.
She seems happy.
Does anyone want to join?
Sora stands up shakily.

S: How long was I gone?
W: “...Good question. More than a day?”
S: Who came out this time?
W: “‘Gretta’.”
SI/???: “She speaks the ancient language.
S: Hmmm. She wouldn't have come out if it wasn't important. She will most likely be back at some point.
W: “Well, that’s not good.
Most of the time, important means bad.”
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