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Out comes the horrid stench of rotten beans.

In goes an air freshener.
out comes a sweet aroma

in goes nothing
Out comes [ERROR 404]

In goes a few scales.
Out comes musical set theory.

In goes a jazz quintet.
Out comes the horrors of pop.

In goes my account.
Out comes some contradictory evidence.

In goes a bag of sugar.
Out comes a bottle of rum

In goes a ship of pirates
Out comes a Caribbean cruise.

In goes a pair of Bermuda shorts.
Out comes a top with a photo of the Bahamas printed on it.
(come on pretty mama!)

In goes a Cornetto cone, strawberry flavored.
Out comes every Cornetto flavor.

In goes knowledge.
out comes some cool legs.

in goes temmie
Out comes a temmie bug.

In goes pop.
Out comes a weasel

In goes my apparently bad grammar according to Grammarly
Out comes some auto"correct"ed nonsense.

In goes roll reversal.
out comes some wierd kink

in goes some furry art I drew
Out comes another weird kink

In goes "Sumo Wrestling Weekly" 2018 magazine autographed by Shinzo Abe
Out comes a stable economy.

In goes a horse-trading licence.
Out comes horse poop

In goes a caterpillar
Out comes car lap retail.

In goes Indianapolis
Out comes a mediocre racecar

In goes pineapple pizza
Out comes a happy customer.

In go 3 easy payments of $19.95
And out comes a membership with the mafia!

In goes rational thought
Out comes an irrational thought

In goes 3 pounds of copper metal
Out comes three pounds British currency

In goes some snow
Out comes a crate filled with empty syrup bottles.

In goes a magician's dove.
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