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Don't get snowed in.
Need a hot spring?
All seasons are trending hotter.
Then why it is still so freaking cold?
Because it started off ***ing cold.
I still feel like humans control the weather in ways they don't expect.
Always been weird how we became the dominant species.
Especially since nature prioritized short-term gain over long-term gain.
We'll wipe ourselves out pretty soon as things stand. I wonder what will be next.
In all honesty, I think we'll move before we kill the planet.
Rather feasible, despite how science-fictiony it sounds.
Of we can't maintain an ecosystem here where it evolved, what on Earth makes you think we're going to do any better elsewhere?
Maybe we'll be smarter next time.
And besides, we will have to maintain it ourselves, which adds incentive to not be an idiot when it comes to weather from more immediate consequences.
Perhaps the Goddess of the Hunt could help?
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