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Granted, and you will never get cancer or chronic diseases.

I wish for the ability to skip time up to 5 minutes forward.
Granted, and you have the ability to re-use the skipped minutes as instant thinking time when required.

I wish for a country cottage.
Granted, in a good location that is at least a 10-minute walking distance from the nearest subway station and town square.

I wish for a pizza.
Granted, its your favorite flavor

I wish for better typing accuracy
Granted, with the benefit of having more wpm.

I wish for the ability to have every cup of coffee/hot chocolate/hot drink to be not too hot or cold.
Granted, the drinks will also never be watered down or too strong

I wish for my DSi to be fixed
Granted, and now it's a 3ds.

I wish for an infinite slice of pizza.
Granted, and you can choose the toppings on every bite you take.

I wish I had the ability to go to bed at exactly the time I want/need.
Granted, now you can also stay up for as long as you want with no physical or mental casualties.

I wish that I could pause time.
Granted, and you can reverse it too.

I wish I was able to draw
Granted, and now you have a great idea on a 100+ volume manga that will be renowned as one of the best of all time.

I wish for the ability to repair my phone screen without having it be a hundred or so dollars
Granted, you now have the ability to repair any phone, making you rich.

I wish that I was better at time management.
Granted, and you feel like time itself bends to your scheduling.

I wish to have the ability to think of comebacks in the argument as opposed to after.
Granted. You also get increased Charisma(more, better social relations, persuasion).

I wish school let the average student get more sleep, and decreased its difficulty.
Granted, it also makes students not have to pay for lunch.

I wish that my life isn't a pain.
Granted, your life never hits a large snag again.

I wish people wouldn't have such a complicated system of expectations.
Granted, they also have a better understanding of your expectations

I wish I could see myself for how great/horrible I am
Granted, and you can also see others in the same light!

I wish I could see the world from another persons perspective
Granted, and you can always relocate to your body when done...even if you’re on the opposite side of the solar system.

I wish the stench would just disappear.
Granted, and your clothes automatically get rid of all stains when put on.

I wish for time to speed up when I'm bored and slow down when I'm having fun.
Granted, you can change the speed of time at will.

I wish for my purple dot back and to lose the yellow.
Granted, you now have all the dots except for yellow.

I wish to have the energy to balance this, being active in multiple discords, and still having enough time to play with friends
Granted, you do amazing in everything you dont study in as well.

I wish I could say my own username twice without people thinking im weird so i can get back the purple doto.
Granted, you now know that whitetext exists.

for comedic effect, let me demonstrate so here: companioncubegaming companioncubegaming

I wish for the ability to speedread and understand all of a certain thing/book.
Granted. This extents to all other forms of media.

I wish companioncubegaming used <color value="#ffffff"> instead of <color value="#fafafa">
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