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Banned for quoting wikipedia
Banned for not knowing that syzygy is a word as well
Banned for being a vocab master.
Banned for calling someone a master at something
Banned for losing your dot.
Banned for not stating which dot i lost.
Banned for losing your orange dot.
Banned for not seeing that i got it back.
Banned because I did see.
Banned for not telling me
Banned for assuming I wasn't going to point it out.
Banned because you didn't without being provoked.
Banned for Admin Abuse
Banned because i want the green dot

Corn born arugala
Banned for rainbow dots
(highkey jealous)
Banned for being jealous of a group of pixels that measures nothing of value besides a person's ability to follow basic rules of posting.

Oh hey, look. I got a dot. I wonder how I got it?All I'm saying is that if you want to collect all the dots, you could at least try to make it seem unintentional or hide your attempt within actual text, rather than blatantly posting otherwise non-sequitur sentences in an attempt to grab them. Then, it's actually an achievement to grab them without putting random posts or editing old ones.
Banned for the collection of dots across two people.
Banned for caring about the stupid dots.

Banned for having all the dots.
Banned for not fact-checking.

Banned for being too clever for me at first.

I feel like you've pulled that trick before?
Banned for continually changing your PFP.

I feel like you've pulled that trick before?

I can't claim credit - I got it from Eric-616.
Banned for revealing you stole
Banned for not using a period at the end of your sentence.
Banned because i want a donut.
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