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Granted, but you are now burnt out and can’t seem to stop working, except for about 4 hrs of sleep from passing out.
I wish my memory was better.
Granted, not for useful things

I wish for the rest of the dots

should i copy paste the entire dictionary to find the word for the blue dot?
Granted, but without the blue dot as the code word changed a day after you said it, and someone else has it now.

I wish for a wish.
Granted, the wish is corrupted

i wish for the information i need.
Granted, the head of you, of your father, of your grandfather, and of your great grandfather explode

i wish for a donut
Granted, you get a chocolate donut. The donut is very soggy and dead.

I wish for the time of day to do what i want, when i want, and be the life of the world, in which we live, which has many different ways of living, and of death.
Granted, but you're infamous for doing so.

I wish for the dots
Granted, you had them, and now i do

I wish i knew what it costs.
Granted. It's your soul plus more money than you're ever likely to have.

I wish the game was over.

Granted, the game never started, thus creating a paradox of universal proportions.

I wish for more of the dots, three consecutive words backwards, and to dream of bigger and better things than most would know of. Cornhusker beats all!
Granted. Everyone thinks you’re insane beyond help.
I wish dots weren’t a competitive thing.
Granted, they are now stuck on one user, who now is envied by all.

I wish I only had the purple dot now.
Granted? Not red.

I wish the dots could be on those that don’t post.
I wish for more of the dots, three consecutive words backwards, and to dream of bigger, better things than most would know of. Cornhusker beats all!
Granted, but only on those who don't post

My wish is that thine shalt bear the full might and power of the red dot, henceforth the dots shall now be yours. DonutManMan1 DonutManMan1
Granted. In two hours time.
I wish for smacking stuff to death to be easy.
Granted, but since you didn't put any specifics... you no longer procrastinate on flirting with your boss

I wish I could see how great/horrible I am
Granted, but this will be seen by others as well.

I wish I could see the world from others perspectives
Granted. You now have no idea who you are, and have extreme, incurable(both and mom and the same time, plus some extra genders) dysphoria.

I wish dysphoria wasn’t a thing.
Granted, I don't even know what that is so i just say that some other horrible thing happens to everyone

i wish i knew who had the yellow dot so i could get back my purple one.
Granted. It's not you.

I wish for a pie flavored pie.
Granted, but it is moldy.

I wish for someone to corrupt my wish.
Granted: No. Time frowns upon you, as you tried to assassinate it via paradoxes. The last thing you remember is typing that message.

I wish for world peace
Granted, there is a nuclear war. All life on earth is wiped out. The world is now at peace.
DonutManMan1 DonutManMan1

I wish for an interplanetary battleship
Granted, and another battleship sinks yours.

I wish I had dots
Granted. You have the Green dot. It gets stolen shortly after.

I wish people didn’t go insane, ever.
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