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^ correct
< is already at the academic prison
v knows why < calls it a prison.
^ Yes
< Has a Socratic seminar to do and doesn't want to do it
v probably has no idea what it is
<Thinks it’s a place where people talk to others about a topic.
v Can confirm one way or the other.
^ Its a discussion of whatever topic and you have to discus things.
< knows kinda what a socratic seminar is.
v Wants a donut and now knows that < is defaulting to default v for her
^ Is confusing.
< Has no donut.
v Has donut.
^no donut. Yet
< plans to buy donut later today
v has no plans to donut
^ Correct.
< Thinks donuts are a bit too sweet.
v Heavily disagrees with me.
^ >:( No
<is still waiting for donut
v is not donut
^ i is donut
< says hoi
v hi
^ Hoi-o!
< Likes corrupting words.
v Does not like this.
^ Eh I've always tended more toward chaos then order. Don't get me wrong I'm not chaotic evil, but I'm not a rule stickler either.

< Has decided she's either bat shit crazy or there really is a person standing in her closet. (Kinda scared tbh don't wanna check just in case.)

v May or may not be concerned by < previous comment.
/\ Nice closet

< Disappears

\/ Is even more worried.
^ Actually he disappeared last night after you said that.

< Is now laughing at that coincidence.

v Was it a coincidence?
^ I think not!
< Wishes tc3692 the best for any future endeavors of warding off closet man (woman?).
Maybe mothballs will help.
v Feeling a little stitious.
^ Maybe. Maybe not.

< Thought of a quote that made me chuckle when I wrote the previous sentence.

v Is now curious.
^Not much
<Is tired as heck
v is tired as heck
^ tired and is in a food coma!
< somehow messed up my reply
v is thinking about breathing
^ was almost an imposter.
< has a headache.
v Normally sleeps until 11 on weekends.
^ Yet unaware of the truths fo my terrible, terrible sleep schedule.
< Finally finished and submitted an essay!
v Not very excited for spring.
^ congrats on finishing that essay!!
< forgot spring existed.
v didn’t forget that spring is inbetween winter and summer
/\ Is correct indeed

< Is excited for the weather to get nicer.

\/ Needs something at the moment of posting.
^ If I do, I forgot. As I do.
< Doesn't have a very good memory for functional tasks.
v Has a better memory.
^More money, yeah
< Is waiting for the bus
v is still not an owner of a Nintendo Siwtch
^ Wrong.

< Forgets frequently to eat as I am so busy most of the time.

v Will post something.
^ has poor eating habits.
< also has poor eating habits, and is also wondering how one forgets to eat.
v might be able to tell me.