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^ correct
< is already at the academic prison
v knows why < calls it a prison.
^ Yes
< Has a Socratic seminar to do and doesn't want to do it
v probably has no idea what it is
<Thinks it’s a place where people talk to others about a topic.
v Can confirm one way or the other.
^ Its a discussion of whatever topic and you have to discus things.
< knows kinda what a socratic seminar is.
v Wants a donut and now knows that < is defaulting to default v for her
^ Is confusing.
< Has no donut.
v Has donut.
^no donut. Yet
< plans to buy donut later today
v has no plans to donut
^ Correct.
< Thinks donuts are a bit too sweet.
v Heavily disagrees with me.
^ >:( No
<is still waiting for donut
v is not donut
^ i is donut
< says hoi
v hi
^ Hoi-o!
< Likes corrupting words.
v Does not like this.