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You will now never miss a plane flight for flight 45.

The ability to answer questions on TCaS
You’ll help out quite a few people.

The ability to ask questions on TwoCans.
You gain much knowledge.

The ability to eat food off the floor
Food shall never be wasted again!

The ability to pop bubble wrap on the first time.
Online shipping just got better

The ability to build ricer cars
Make the first rice-powered car. Or the first functional car made of rice.

The ability to instantly categorize colors cleanly, but not create or name them.
There's probably an optics career in store for you (if ricers were actually rice-powered, then they wouldn't have that negative stigma)

The ability to slow time, but for 1 second at a time
You can slow down that second indefinitely, allowing you to slow down time for as long as you want.

The ability to fly, but no more than 1/2 a meter off the ground.
just like a hovercraft

the ability to mask photos but only if the backgrounds of the said photos are green or blue
auto green screen

the ability to smolder
quick and easy way to get out of a stranglehold

Captain Crunch's phone phreaking abilities in 2020
getting people to buy the sham-wow over the phone

the ability to go into labor at any second without giving birth
Funny "I'm going into labor" pranks galore!

The ability for everyone to know every little thing about you, whether you want them to or not.
You don't have to tell them anything.

The ability to type really slow.
At least you won't have that many grammatical errors?

A cucumber that re-grows if you bite into it
solve world hunger!

ability to speak in subscript
You get to whisper your whispers or just note things without anyone hearing super well.

The ability to speak in strikethrough.
The ability to hide what you're saying

The ability to forget one memory a week.
A distinct improvement on my current abilities.

The ability to pack a picnic basket.
You are especially good at packing the basket; to the point of you being able to pack an elephant in it

The ability to write secret messages that are easily cracked
you can write decoy messages for decoy messages and on and on and on

the ability to break any household object
You can break all vases and painting.

The ability to eat all spicy food.
You can win any spice eating competition for money.

You have the ability to turn on the TV with out a remote.
You can annoy you bad neighbors into leaving the neighborhood.

I can make my toes pop at will, even when there not ready.
now you can relieve any pain in your toes

The ability to watch all of Sonic Underground in one night
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