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Guilty of steak
Never have I ever gotten an app on a whim.
fuck i ate both
D: I've eaten steak and sushi, as well as gotten an app on a whim.
Sometimes they turn out to be good apps!
Never have I ever used Photoshop
Ha! I only use a different free app.
Is it the one with the dog?
I have used photoshop
never have I ever solved a 3x3 rubik's cube.
I haven't used photoshop or solved a Rubiks cube.

Never have i ever watched the Kardashians
I wish I solved a rubik's cube
Never have I ever gone to WA DC
Never have I ever flown on a plane.
I have, as a little kid.
I have flown in a plane too
Never have I ever broken a pencil.
(I’m not talking about at the tip, more the body.)
Guilty of that too
Ive actually never done that...
Welp... I have
who the heck breaks pencils
also i've been on plane
Fatty, You have been skipped.
Never have I ever owned/used an apple device.
Well, shoot.
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