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I heard she wasn't exactly SOBER.
She got stupid drunk on vodka and ate all the OREOS
So what's the SCORE on the coat-buying front?
I just CORED an apple.
did the corer require CORDS?
I can't answer that, but did it also have CARDS?
If there are cards, who DRAWS?
Whoever’s got the biggest SWORD
Why swords? We could consider daggers, or knives as well. Hell, there are all sorts of blade-related ROADS we could go down.
I burned my bridges with small, sharp tools.
You see, I was making a nice ROAST...
when suddenly, the knife stabbed me in the back!
Why not trade in that knife for a better one at the knife STORE?
Well I’d be awkward and just STARE
I would like to, but I am unable to climb the STAIRcase in front of the store.
Oh my STARS! Stumped by a simple staircase?
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