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I start a fresh batch of rice. I mix in a chicken broth.
I add the old batch of rice to the rice.
I start ankther fresh batch of rice and add chicken broth, and watch lowcaffeine42 closely to prevent anymore hijinks.
I add chicken ramen noodle flavoring to the rice.
I slap lowcaffeine’s hand away before he can ruin my hand made chicken broth.
I again stop lowcaffiene from ruining the broth. “I’ll let you add when you actually improve it.”
Nicely chopped carrots, chopped by Gordon Fucking Ramsieeeeeee himself.
and a whole coronavirus
a WHOLE coronavirus?!
that's like...
*i add temperatures above that of the surface of the sun, in a vain attempt to denature the pathogen, but inadvertently ruin the rice instead*
I make a new batch of rice, adding COVID medications and vaccines to it.
just for safeties, i add a pile of surgical masks and a 3 walmarts' worth of toilet paper
I add in a half-Tom of chicken broth, hand crafted, and made with love.
I add in some caviar
I add in 3 bottles of kombucha
I apply the space rocks. Yes, THE space rocks.
I add in some nuts
i add in some monotheism. with baldr.(not a typo, just a norse god.)
I inivte the rest of the Norse Gods to cancel out the monotheism.
i add in the end of Ragnarok, thus creating monotheism with baldr.
does fenrir count as a god?

anyways i crack a standard chicken egg into the rice and stir with a wooden spatula.
I toss in an item sliding toon link. He stirs the rice and then his systems crash.
i add a t-spin and an l-spin
Let's speed this up! I throw in a highly volatile bomb flower!
I add a stasis rune, a tree trunk, several axe swings, and a single arrow.
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