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Granted, it becomes one of the most respected video game franchises ever.

I wish I had infinite birthday cakes, to blow out the candles and get infinite wishes.
Granted, and they're all fortified

I wish that we could combine wishes and effects
granted, and they each come with cake. can you tell i want cake?

i wish i had a cake.
Granted. You remember where you kept all of your fortified birthday cakes! One extra cake is delivered at your door to celebrate.

I wish for a pleasantly scented candle.
granted, whenever you smell the candle, you are taken on a journey through your mind and soul.

i wish that i was good at my smash bros main, jagglebuff.
granted, and you literally get like, 7 new kill confirms after that one patch. lucky you!

i wish my fingers were more dextrous.
Granted, you are now a world famous pianist.

I wish VR didn’t make us so sweaty.(the human race is The us.)
Granted. Other senses, smell, taste, etc. are also in vr.

I wish that I could sign up for the app beta.
Granted, you can.

I wish that I had a flashlight.
Granted! It's long-lasting, durable, and you could adjust its brightness with rapid accuracy.

I wish to sit down and fully relax.
Granted, and you can pause time so your relaxing doesn’t cut into your day.

I wish I never woke up super early in the morning again.
Granted, you wake up feeling refreshed at the perfect time to get everything done.

I wish I had an N64.
Granted, you also have a Gamecube

I wish I had a Sega Dreamcast
Granted, you also have all the speem discs.

I wish other people played as much rhythm heaven as me.
Granted, and they introduce you to other rhythm games you might like too.

I wish that more people played rhythm games with me
Granted, I’ll play rhythm games with you.

I wish that terraria had more tracks, cause it’s already boppin.
Granted. It keeps you entertained all day and there are no urgent things for you to do so you just get to be happy and game.

I wish I didn't have insomnia.
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