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Out comes the War of the Spanish Succession.

In goes monopoly speed edition.
Out comes monopoly cheaters edition

In goes monopoly cheaters edition
Out comes uno attack.

In goes a Nintendo direct.
Out goes Eggman's announcement

In goes dat stouf dat kedz et
out comes an NES and some fruit.

in goes sarcasm.
Out comes a sarcasm

In goes some NSFW pics
out comes some child friendly content.

in goes the odyssey.

are you noticing a pattern from me? cause i am.
Out comes Homer

In goes the Iliad
Out goes the Little Iliad.

In goes a golden apple.
Out comes Discord drama

In goes a big war
out comes a greek myth.

in goes a pineapple gun.
out comes infinite pineapples

in goes an unoriginal joke
Out comes a dog with no nose.

In goes a bad smell.
Out comes your feet.

In goes my banshee pal.
Out comes a scream.

In goes some ice cream.
Out comes cream with ice in it

In goes the periodic table
Out comes argon, because it's the best.

In goes some subwooferz.
Out comes a loud "bwoo" sound.

In go a pair of tweeters.
Out comes a pair of birds

In goes 45mm drivers
Out comes some sweet jams.

In go some peach preserves.
Out comes some unpreserved peaches.

In goes my lack of skill.
Out comes an instruction booklet on all of the skills required for literally anything. With an extra, slimmer book for Table Of Contents.

In goes that ToC book.
Out comes a list of chapters for every book ever.

In goes the PlayStation.
Out comes an Xbox

In goes Michael Stevens
Out comes Keanu reeves (I’m sorry I don’t know famous people.)

In goes canabalism.
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